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Giving at WBC

Jesus says that the #1 competitor for our commitment to Him is money (Matthew 6:24). Our giving is an indicator whether He is more important to us than material things.
Not having cash or check on hand on Sunday mornings doesn’t have to hold you back from giving your regular tithe, you can be obedient today by giving online via our PayPal account below, or by setting up an online payment through your bank if it is available. Prayerfully consider (with your household) how much you should give. There is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local church!

What should I give?

Many people in the church are ready to give, yet don't know how much is "right."
At Warsaw Baptist Church we encourage "The 4 P's"
Each of these is a suggestion for your giving.
You as an individual—or you as a part of a household family—are
called to decide how much you will give.
At WBC we want cheerful, fully invested partners in ministry. We want members
who give to the church as a grateful response to the Gospel of God's gift to you in Christ.
We will not shame, guilt, manipulate or compel your giving.

Prayerful Giving

Whether giving your time, talent or treasure, you should prayerfully consider what is appropriate. Prayer can and should be done in light of Scriptural wisdom and a dependence on the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Priority Giving

We give God our "First-Fruits." Giving from the first of our income (before bills, taxes, entertainment, etc), is a way of trusting God with our needs and wants. God, who did not spare His only son, deserves our First and Best, not our leftovers. 

Percentage Giving

Many newcomers with some Bible knowledge ask if we require that they give a "tithe" to be a part of the church. A tithe goes back to the idea of giving the first 10% back to the Kingdom efforts.
While some of our members do give 10%, others have begun faithfully at a lower level like 5%, and others have been able to move past that to 15% or more.
Again, no elder at WBC will know what YOU or YOUR FAMILY gives. We believe that is primarily an issue that is between you and God.
However, choosing a percentage is VERY helpful in establishing a faithful and consistent discipline of giving. Percentage giving provides something objective to shoot for and helps to remove emotions from the equation. A percentage of what you bring in is fairly “black and white” and easy to measure whether or not you are hitting the mark. Even if you can only begin with 1%, commit to a percentage and stick to it.

Progressive Giving

This means you remain open to God growing and stretching you in the area of giving. Once you have crossed the “threshold” of giving, it becomes less and less a test of our faith because you are more comfortable with how much you are giving away. God will, at times, lead us to give more and cross the “threshold” of giving yet again. This is important because it consistently challenges us to grow in our faith towards God in the area of finances and resources. It also consistently challenges us towards living lives that are generous towards God and others.

Giving Online

The most common way for our members, long-time visitors and other partners give to the mission of Warsaw Baptist is through our online giving option. Simply click on the "Donate" button and follow the prompts to give your tithe or offering.
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How Can I Give?


Giving In Person

Our more traditional tithing option is through in-person giving at the church. You can place your cash, change or checks into one of the giving boxes located near the sanctuary doors.
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Giving Through The Mail
In addition to giving online or during the offering time at our Sunday Gatherings, you can also send tithes, offerings or one-time financial contributions to: 
Warsaw Baptist Church
P.O. Box 846
Warsaw, Kentucky 41095-0846 
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Legacy Giving — Ensuring the Continuation of WBC's Mission Through a Planned, Future Gift. ​

One of the main factors keeping our ministries going through these last 177 years has been the faithful financial giving to Warsaw Baptist Church by our members, by long time attendees and by community supporters.
Most of the giving comes in the form of the regular tithes and offerings, but a substantial and vital amount has also come by way of Legacy Giving. 
Legacy Givers are those who set aside special, and oftentimes sizable, contributions in order to help ensure that the legacy of Christ-Saturated Preaching and Gospel Ministries to our community will be able to continue long after the Legacy Giver, and this generation of the church family has moved on to be with the LORD.
The easiest way to set aside a Legacy Gift to Warsaw Baptist Church is to create a bequest through your will or trust.  A bequest is a gift that comes directly to WBC upon your death.  It’s flexible in that it can be revised any time your circumstances change.
The most common and useful bequest is an unrestricted bequest for the general purposes of WBC.  This permits the Church to use your gift wherever it is most needed. 
Bequests to WBC are typically:
  • A specific dollar amount, or
  • A percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been met, or
  • Specified assets such as stock, real estate or tangible personal property, or
  • A contingent bequest, in which the church becomes the beneficiary only if the named beneficiary is unable to accept the bequest
Two other ways that people commonly give to their church are through 
Life Insurance: You can simply name Warsaw Baptist Church as a beneficiary, and/or
Retirement Assets: You can name Warsaw Baptist Church as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plans.
Please check with your retirement and/or financial planning representative to find out how you can give toward WBC's future

Warsaw Baptist Church

Worship with us Sunday at 11:30AM
106 West High Street 
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