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E3 Foundations

We are NOT trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead we are borrowing from the churches who have gone ahead of us on this road and have found successful tools and attitudes to help EVERY believer live within God's design for their lives in this world. 

Click on the links below for helpful books, videos and further learning opportunities from some of the leaders of the biblically rooted Missional Community church movement. 

Take what is helpful, leave what isn't. 

These are the sources for what we will be teaching in our E3 Foundations classes each week. If you are a self starter, dig through these resources and put the teaching into practice. 


A Meal With Jesus by Tim Chester 

Small is Big, Slow is Fast by Caesar Kalinowski 


Saturate by Jeff Vanderstelt


You Can Change by Tim Chester


Examples of Missional Communities

Gospel Neighboring

Our Neighborhood, Our Mission 

Stories of how people found Christ and got introduced to a Church family through a Missional Community

A Simple Invitation 


Luke's Story

Soma School Video Training

The majority of our E3 Foundations teaching was developed by our brothers and sisters at Soma. This group of videos covers Our Gospel Identity, our Gospel Purpose, What it means to be Gospel Fluent and More.


Ordinary People in Missional Communities

What is it like to be a mom of young children, or a single adult, or a retiree who lives on mission? What are the main joys and challenges of living a life on mission? Watch the Ordinary People Series to hear from people who have been at this a lot longer than we have. 

StoryFormed Way

Our lives must find their place in some greater story or they will find their place in some lesser story." ~ H. Stephen Shoemaker


Here are resources from Caesar Kalinowski and the GCM Collective on how to help people find their life in the overarching Story of God that is found in the Bible.

Story of God Training Videos 


Printed material that coincides with the Story of God Training Videos


The Storyformed Way print material for Storying leaders*

The Story of God for Kids

*Printed materials for The Story of God Training, The Storyformed Way and The Story of God for Kids will be emailed to you after you give your email address via the link.  

Warsaw Baptist Church

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